10 marketing strategies to know to double your turnover


A major concern of SMEs, turnover is a daily requirement. In order to increase sales or even double them, a few well-employed marketing strategies can significantly improve sales.

Ensure optimal visibility on the Web

Indispensable for boosting turnover, visibility on the Internet, and in particular via social networks, promotes and advertises a business. Anytime is a good time to promote a business and get it talked about in the digital press.

Increase your conversion rate

Indispensable to increase sales, improving the conversion rate of consumers to purchasing is a priority. Better targeting of customers, regular promotions and personalized offers then make it possible to increase sales significantly.

Enrich your database

The more potential customers there are, the higher the turnover. An unstoppable equation, this formula remains relevant in marketing by widening its target to future potential customers through mailing campaigns and a continuous presence on social networks.

Improve your natural referencing

An optimal presence on search engines and ideally in the first pages is an infallible solution to increase your turnover. Lever with the important effect, the traffic is all the more important on a site when this one is positioned judiciously on Google and has a judicious SEO.

The importance of commercial links

Representing over 40% of the internet advertising market, commercial links are vital to increasing sales. Tools provided by Google+ then make it possible to integrate them into the site in order to improve the number of clicks and thus significantly encourage the act of purchase.

Opt for referencing on price comparison sites

More and more consulted by Internet users, price comparators make it possible to find the best offers. An e-commerce website must therefore ensure its presence on the most popular of these platforms to increase its turnover and become more competitive in a specific niche.

A multichannel offer

E-commerce, online stores and traditional commerce are complementary and not in competition. An essential presence on the Internet but also by offering physical stores is thus preferable to a simple online offer or a classic store. These two modes of commerce are ideal for improving sales and providing profitable after-sales service to consumers.

Emulation through affiliation

Because two sites are better than one, partnership and affiliation allow two e-commerce sites to sell proportionately more than if they were two separate entities. Basic principle of marketing, this solution has the advantage of doubling its presence on the Web and of functioning in perfect emulation by offering two complementary offers.

Be more responsive

Unresponsive after-sales service, evasive answers to customer questions and questions, little subscriber loyalty, and that’s the drop in guaranteed turnover. In order to increase sales tenfold, targeted email campaigns and quality customer service ensure optimal popularity and more potential customers.

The establishment of a community of customers

The more involved a prospect feels on a site, the more loyal they are and even attract new consumers. A blog, questions, and answers or an enriched FAQ, are thus effective methods to boost its turnover.


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