Business leaders and VP of sales: how to coach your sales managers


At Prima Ressource, we have been using the Objective Management Group (OMG) sales, sales management, and sales leadership assessment tool for more than 10 years, which is a global benchmark for scientifically evaluating professionals in the field. sale.

However, I have noticed that frequently, business and sales leaders are not aware of all the possibilities this tool offers to develop all of their team members.

The OMG tool is used in particular to identify the skills to improve in your sales managers and subsequently, the results can be used to support your coaching.

Here’s how to use OMG reviews on a daily basis to lead your sales managers to excellence:

Learn about the evaluation of your sales managers

The first step to better coaching your sales managers is to have a thorough understanding of their entire assessment . The objective of this exercise is to help you clearly determine the particular weaknesses to work on when coaching.

Overall, the assessment can show different development opportunities for sales managers in relation to their accountability and  coaching , two essential skills for any sales manager who will have a positive impact on their team.

Keep the sales team accountable

It is fundamental that your sales managers hold their sales team accountable to avoid the development of deficient behaviors that will eat up the time you could have devoted to developing your players.

Here are the key actions and skills that make up the skill of keeping a sales team accountable:

Manage behavior

As president or VP of sales, your role is to ensure that your sales managers adopt the correct behaviors towards their team of managers by applying regular behavior management. 

You need to check whether your managers are performing regular reviews with their sales team and whether they are applying appropriate coaching properly. So, when you go to meet them, they should be able to list the different issues that their team is experiencing relating to a lack of work ethic or commitment, for example.

You can ask them the following questions:

  • What happens with X representatives?
  • What are your solutions to remedy Y’s current shortcomings?
  • What did you do as a sales manager to address the behaviors in question?
  • How did you apply your coaching to your salespeople to make sure that they put in place actions to support their solutions?

Finally, you are the coach who helps his coach to coach his sales team .

Manage the sales funnel

When it comes to managing the sales funnel , specifically reviewing sales opportunities on a regular basis, you can help your sales managers in several ways:

  • Make sure the meetings really take place every week
  • Validate the quality of discussions
  • Make sure managers solidify certain opportunities

On the other hand, if the pipeline is not up to date or the sales forecasts cannot be used due to unreliability, then the work was not carried out properly by the sales team. I recommend that you question and coach your sales managers. Get them to find appropriate solutions to remedy the problem identified and to build an action plan with a specific timeline. Make sure to follow up with your managers to validate that the action plan is being applied and that there are tangible improvements.

Here is a list of important skills for pipeline management:

Helping Sales Managers Become Better Coaches

It is also important to coach your sales managers on their weaknesses. Indeed, the initial assessment in sales management is a way to analyze the skills of your managers in their way of coaching their sales team.

Your sales managers probably ask too few questions during coaching sessions and take control of the conversation instead of leading their reps with specific questions. So your sales managers don’t act like quality coaches, but rather like managers who give advice and make decisions for their representatives. It is therefore an opportunity for you to correct the situation with the help of coaching.

In addition, you can also coach at the level of sales management DNA. For example, if one of your managers needs constant approval from others, it is likely that this need affects the way they coach, hold the team accountable, or the manager’s performance. In this kind of situation, your role is to give your managers the tools to improve their sales management DNA and to get rid of their blind spots.

Aside from the need for approval, another piece of DNA to consider is the buying habits of your sales managers. This element will directly influence their way of coaching their salespeople in terms of sales opportunities. So, if these are negative habits, like always shopping at the lowest price, there will be repercussions on the sales results.

Typically, you can dig into the buying habits of your sales managers if many opportunities are stagnating at the bottom of the funnel. It is your responsibility to make sure that bad habits of managers do not interfere with the achievement of goals.

Here are the attributes of a good sales coach. You can attempt to diagnose your sales managers using this list.


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