How to properly use tests in recruiting salespeople?


More and more tools are available on the market to help companies in their recruitment.

In terms of sales, it is all the more essential to succeed in your hires since the turnover of your company depends on it.

Unfortunately, despite the multitude of tools available, hiring errors in sales remain numerous. This is because executives typically use a standard recruiting process to recruit salespeople, while due to the specificity of the role, a specific process must be adopted.

1. Choose the right test

To choose the test to use in the recruitment of your future salespeople , you must already define your expectations. Logically, you want to recruit the best salespeople and those with the strongest skills to be successful in your market. In this case, the use of a predictive test of the success of the candidates is essential.

Therefore, psychometric, or personality, tests do not match the need. Rather, you need a specific execution test for the sale. See the article ”  Which test to choose to assess sales candidates  ” for a classification of tests.

Warning: even if the test name contains the term sale, this does not mean that it was created for this role. The majority of tests sold as on-sale assessments are actually adapted versions of non-specific tests .

2. Use the test at the right time

Choosing the right test does not guarantee success in your hires . You also have to use it at the right time . With predictive testing, you should screen candidates from the first step of the recruiting process.

Indeed, by preselecting candidates on the basis of their CV, the sorting is subjective. Conversely, if you want to make sure you save time and increase the quality of the candidates you will meet during the interview, use the execution test on receipt of applications, in order to let the objectivity of the test make the choice for you.


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